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Smart Home Features

  • Oct 25 / 2011
Smith Home Security Blog

Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring services allow you to be aware of everything happening in or around your home, whether you are across town or across the world!  Featuring the most state of the art home video monitoring technology and equipment on the market today, your remote video surveillance system enables you to instantly access both live and recorded images at any time, from any place in the world via your smart phone, computer, or other device connected to the internet.

Utilizing advanced IP home automation video cameras that can be easily installed virtually anywhere, your remote video monitoring system can be programmed to record continuously, only when motion is detected, or at specific, pre-determined times.  Live and saved remote video system clips can be quickly and easily accessed and viewed one at a time, or simultaneously on a single screen.  The user also receives an immediate notification the moment any alarm activity is detected.

Wireless Light Controls

Wireless light controls give you the ability to control the lights in your home from anywhere in the world.  Z-Wave, highly advanced lighting technology, allows your remote lighting control system to create custom lighting schedules to meet the specific needs or your family’s lifestyle.  Your wireless lighting controls can be used manually to control lights in real-time, or pre-set to have certain lights within the home turn on or off at specific times, regardless if you are at home or away!

Never come home to a dark house again with our wide range of available home light control options.  Home automation lighting technology offers an added level of security to your home, providing the illusion that you are at home, even if you are not.  Lights can be synchronized with your interior and exterior motion sensors, allowing specific lights to turn on if someone approaches your home or attempts to enter.

Remote Thermostat Control


Web-based remote thermostat control provides you with the ability to maintain every thermostat in your home from anywhere in the world.  Z-Wave, highly advanced thermostat technology, wireless thermostat control allows you to create custom settings for your HVAC systems based on your unique daily schedules.  In addition, you can manually control the temperature within your home in real-time from wherever you are via your Smartphone, computer, or other device with internet connection (Such as IPhone thermostat control).

This exceedingly easy to use wireless thermostat internet control technology is also a great way to reduce energy usage and cut down on costs, while ensuring optimal comfort at all times.  Your computer controlled thermostat system will send notifications when any thermostat setting is modified, or if your home’s temperature falls below or rises above your pre-set range.

Severe Weather Alerts

Be alerted when a tornado is in your area. Smith Monitoring weather alerts integrate with your Alarm panel to give you 24x7x365 access to the latest weather related information in your area.

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