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Smart Home: The Wave of the Future

  • Nov 08 / 2011
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Smith Monitoring is proud to announce its plans to bring automated home monitoring to the growing smartphone platform. The new Smart Home system offers a 21st-century approach to home security by enabling users with a compatible smartphone to control their security system from anywhere in the world. The Smart Home system features three key benefits: smart security, home automation, and energy management. Users will be able to monitor the current status of their home, view an event history, check real-time severe weather alerts for their home’s location, and receive notifications by email. Further additions to the Smart Home system allow users to remotely control lights and appliances, thereby giving their home the appearance of being occupied even when the user is away, while the interactive thermostat saves money with its smartphone-accessible routines.

At the heart of the new Smart Home system is the GO! Control panel. The touchscreen panel is installed in-home and includes a fully self-contained GSM cell, which uses wireless cellular technology to allow it to communicate securely with the user’s smartphone device. The modularity of the Smart Home system allows users to customize it to suit their particular needs. Modules connect to the GO! Control panel, allowing it to wirelessly monitor multiple points of entry, control lights and appliances, regulate the thermostat, and even transmit live video to the Internet: all directly available to the user from their smartphone. The easy-to-use smartphone software enables users to connect securely to the GO! Control panel and makes customizing their security preferences as simple as a swipe of the finger.

The Smart Home system is currently available in three plans. The basic Smart Home plan features the GO! Control touchscreen panel with GSM cell and complete remote access, three wireless contacts for doors or windows, one wireless motion detector, and 24/7 UL-licensed monitoring. The Smart Home Energy plan offers that and more, with the included Smart thermostat and appliance control module, as well as a lifetime warranty. The Smart Home Plus plan completes the home-automation package, adding one indoor fixed camera with streaming capability for live video surveillance on the Internet or smartphone, along with all the features and benefits of the Smart Home Energy plan.

From basic point-of-entry monitoring and motion detecting to live video streaming and appliance control, the Smart Home system combines tested and proven security methods with the latest in wireless technology to deliver a full home-security suite directly controllable by smartphone, whenever and wherever it is needed. Smith Monitoring brings mobile, secure home automation to the smartphone.

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