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Smith Cares: Free Security for Needy Families

  • Nov 14 / 2011
Smith Home Security Blog

Smith Monitoring is a friend to the DFW metroplex. Their recently launched Smith Cares program, supplies home security to members of the local community who have genuine need but lack the means to pay. Created as a response to increasing crime rates during the recession, Smith Cares provides advanced security systems and 24/7 home monitoring free of charge to needy families. As part of an industry that has continued to profit despite the economic downturn, Smith Monitoring believes it is responsible to give back to the community that has helped it grow. Working closely with law enforcement, city councils, and non-profit organizations like the Children’s Advocacy Center, Smith Monitoring seeks to aid victims of child abuse, domestic violence, repeated crimes, and families with special medical situations. Technicians install the security system in the recipient’s home, respective of their security needs, and the company provides constant monitoring through its accredited partners: all at no cost to the family. In the short time since its inception, the Smith Cares program has met with approval from the media. In an interview with CBS Dallas/Fort Worth, CEO and co-founder Dwayne Stoltzfus explained the reasoning behind the program. He said, “we feel like we’re very fortunate, very blessed, through the business that we own, and we wanted to figure out a way that we can use our influence to impact the community.”

Smith Monitoring and the Smith Cares program have already had a positive impact on the community. One woman received the benefits of the programs after the company learned she takes care of her sister-in-law: a Vietnam veteran suffering from trauma and reduced function. The security system given to the family both protects against outside intrusion and sends alerts to caretakers in the event of unexpected accidents inside the home. The multi-faceted needs of the community warrant special care and attention, a goal to which Smith Monitoring holds itself in all aspects of home security. The company hopes to expand its Smith Cares program beyond DFW to reach all of its current service markets.

Smith Monitoring Inc. is headquartered in North Dallas and serves throughout Texas, Georgia and California. It is currently seeking nominations of deserving families for its Smith Cares program through media outlets based on previous or current related news features. More information is available on the Smith Monitoring website.

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