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Smith’s Smart Home Package Makes iPad Home Automation Easy to Use

  • Dec 02 / 2011
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Smith Monitoring, Inc. announced today that, as part of their dedication to providing their customers with innovative ways of securing their home, their home automation package will include full mobile functionality. The Smart Home systems from Smith will fully integrate with customers’ mobile iPad devices, enabling them to control their security system from anywhere in the world.

Designed to be ultimately accessible and easy to use, the Smart Home system puts full control of a home’s security onto the user’s iPad device. The system’s central panel’s contains a GSM chip that communicates wirelessly with nearby cellular towers, allowing it to connect directly and securely to the user’s iPad device. The panel also contains a separate wireless protocol that networks and connects auxiliary modules. To control their home with their iPad, users can download the free app from the Appstore, install it, and within minutes have complete home automation control through the user-friendly interface. With a simple tap and swipe of the finger, they can arm or disarm their security system, see which doors or windows are open, review an access log and history for their system, set up schedules, and interact with the various modules that accompany the Smart Home system; they can view live or recorded video from the system’s video cameras.

Smith currently offers two types of cameras to stream live and recorded video directly to the user’s iPad: a fixed-lens camera and a pan-tilt camera. The fixed-lens camera offers a standard view, while its form factor makes it ideal for placing in hallways and above doorways. The pan-tilt camera is slightly larger, but it is able to pan a full 90 degrees and tilt 57 degrees, allowing a great deal of movement. Both cameras can be set to start recording according to user-defined schedules or when they sense movement. The user will then be notified via email or text message and can watch the streaming video on their iPad. Complete video monitoring and remote access made available through the iPad is one of the many ways Smith Monitoring is making home automation a viable choice for the security-conscious consumer.

Smith Monitoring Inc. is headquartered in North Dallas and serves throughout Texas, Georgia, and California. Committed to giving back to the community that has given it success, Smith Monitoring delivers the latest in user-friendly home automation technology and has received the rank of A from the Better Business Bureau every year since its inception. Information about Smith’s Smart Home Package, modules, services, pricing, and more is available on the Smith Monitoring website.

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