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Solar Tiles: 5 Reasons to Choose Solar Tiles over Solar Panels

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Solar energy is a top choice for many homeowners today. Solar energy is an effective and efficient source of power. The solar option allows you to have power in your home by using the heat from the sun. This solution for power is cost effective as well as environmentally friendly, which leads many homeowners to choose this option their home in many situations.
One option that homeowners have for solar power installation is solar panels. This option has been around for many years and is now being replaced by solar tiles. Solar panels take up a large area at once on the roof and are unsightly. Solar tiles however are very streamlined and look just like roofing tiles. However, these small tiles are connected to provide a power source for the home. Below are a few reasons why solar tiles are better than solar panels.
Any homeowner that has looked into installing a solar power source knows that it is expensive.  Solar tiles used to be a more expensive option but since 2009, the option has become less of an expense. With new solar shingles on the market, homeowners have the option of installing a solar power source for the home at around 10 to 15 percent less than solar panels.
In the past, solar tiles have provided a lower conversion efficiency that has been a drawback for many looking to install this option. However, just a few years ago, the United States Department of Energy’s National Renewable Lab was able to create a special solar cell with copper indium gallium diselenide that gave the option a 19.9 conversion efficiently instead of the 10 percent it previously had. Further advances have been made which give tiles a better efficiency rating than a flat panel option, making it the top choice for homeowners.
Easy to Install
Solar tiles are generally easy to install. The tiles are streamlined and will interlock to provide the energy you need in the home. The tiles are the exact shape of your roof, making for a pleasing design to the eye. The tiles are placed directly on the roof and will allow you to have the solar option you need in the home. A professional can install these tiles in no time, giving you an alternative to power and providing a better solution for the environment as well as your home.
Materials and Design
Solar tiles are usually made from silicon but some are created with other materials like cadmium telluride. A traditional option will be made in a flat metal plate and wires are placed inside the plate. These thin-filmed cells are then overlaid with a semiconductor material in a layer that is just a few microns thick. This design allows the cells to be flexible and adapt to a shape. This means the tiles will work on any roof shape and are easy to install based on shape and size.
Professional Advice
The best option to determine if solar tiles are a solution for your home is to speak with a solar roofing specialist. A professional will be able to give you advice as well as inspect your home to see if this option will work best. If so, you will then be able to begin the installation and soon have a new power source for your home. Solar tiles will give you an efficient source of power as well as benefit the environment, which is always a plus. Contact a local professional to find out if this solution will work for you.

About the Author: Gary V. McDonald is a heating system repair expert currently working for Peirce-Phelps, Inc. as a heating contractor at Hamilton, PA. He spends his leisure time in writing articles about home improvement and solar technologies related topics.

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