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Spending Time In Brothels – Red Light Outreach

  • Oct 11 / 2011
Smith Home Security Blog

Red Light Outreach We’ve been learning a lot about prayer and worship over the past two months. As we’ve spent time praying and worshiping God in some red light areas around town, we’ve seen God show up and begin to change these areas in some crazy tangible ways! There’s something so beautiful and powerful in worshiping our Savior in areas where the enemy has claimed such massive ground. It’s like the chains are literally falling away!
We recently spent some time hanging out with three new friends. Back in August God led us to this tucked away apartment complex that’s really like a mini-city once you get inside- there are mainly restaurants, tea houses where you can play mahjong and brothels at the storefront levels, with apartments above. This past Sunday we got to hand out 15 gift bags with copies of the Magdalena film that shares the gospel through Mary Magdalene’s viewpoint. With the exception of two or three women, they were so excited to receive the gift bags we handed out! We literally got to place the gospel in about twenty women’s hands in a matter of minutes.

There were four of us who got to spend about an hour with three women in a shop. They were really fun to hang around, and it’s so fun getting to build relationships with new friends. One woman was really accepting of us and seemingly comfortable hanging around us. Sometimes it takes locals a while to open up to the “foreigners”.

Several of the women we got to meet as we were handing out gift bags were really welcoming to us. Most of them asked us to come in and sit. One pimp seemed to get a little uncomfortable as we were talking to a lady in his shop, so he came and stood next to us as we were talking to her. He never said anything to us, so maybe he was just curious as to what we were saying.

After we handed out a few bags, some older women who were standing outside watching us walked up to us and asked if they could have one. All in all we are enjoying this newfound favor with men and women in the city. In the two years we’ve been doing outreach, we’ve never been so welcomed and invited into shops as we have these last two months. It’s encouraging to see how God is moving in these areas and changing the climate in our city.

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