Transform Your Garden Into A Lovely Paradise
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Steal These 5 Great Ideas That Will Transform Your Garden Into A Lovely Paradise

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How would you like to do something amazing this summer? Instead of spending all your money on the inside of your home you could shake it up a bit. Spend a little and turn your garden into a tropical paradise you can’t wait to spend time in. You know it’s something you’ve been thinking about, so maybe this is the year it should happen. If you can’t think of any ideas on your own we can even go over a few now. Just make sure you steal them if you think they would look great in your garden.

Turn it into a park

Imagine the look on your children’s faces when they walked outside and they found themselves in their own little wonderland. You can make that happen for them if you buy some nice new garden toys. You could have a cubby hut in the corner so they could pretend they owned their own house. If you had a set of swings they could have endless hours fun on them. If you don’t want to do anything special for yourself at least think about the kids.

Light it up


You can have the most beautiful garden in the world, but as soon as the sun disappears nobody will see it and you won’t be able to spend time out there. It would be completely different if you had multicolored LED lights in the middle of the flowers. You could hang Chinese lanterns from the trees. It would look like Disneyland at night when all the lights come on and you could finally spend more time out there in the summer when it’s hot at night.

Add some water


If you have a water feature inside your garden with fish swimming about it’s lovely to look at and it will help you feel relaxed. You can either dig a pond out of the soil, or you can even build a concrete one with proper walls around it. Each one looks a little different and you would need to choose the one that would fit it with the current look of your garden. If you can manufacture some running water it’s even better and there are ornaments that would allow you to do it easily.

Plant some trees

Fall Decorations

If you plant the right trees they would look great when it’s time to blossom. If you’re going to plant some and you don’t want to wait around for years you should buy some that are already a decent size. You never know when you might decide to pack your bags and leave, so you want to get some use out of your trees before you go. Speak to someone at your local garden center and they should be able to help you out.

Sort out the decking

If you have decking already you should change the way it looks because after a few years of harsh winters it’s going to be worn out. Paint everything a bright new color, but before you do give it a very good wash with a power hose. If you don’t have decking it’s the perfect time to change that. It’s not too expensive and if you ever did move home it’s one of those jobs that would raise the price a little. Your dinners will never be the same again when you start eating them outside.

Revamp the porch

Your front garden is just as important as your back garden and the porch is the main attraction because everyone has to look at it when they come to your door. If it’s looking a little empty right now you should add lots of lovely flowers in big plant pots. It will brighten the place up and if you want it even brighter you can paint your front door. If the porch is huge think about hanging a swing from the ceiling and you will be able to sit outside a lot more.

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The author of this article, Sharon Anderson works for Country Cubbies. Country Cubbies is Australia’s leading cubby house manufacturer with a huge range of cubby houses and children’s play forts.

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