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Styling Your Home On A Shoe String Budget

  • Feb 28 / 2013
Smith Home Security Blog


Interior design can be tricky to get right, especially when every penny counts. As they say, style is priceless. Achieving the perfect home design does not require a bank-busting budget. What is required though, is time and patience. Styling your home is a project that shouldn’t be rushed because once you’ve applied that colour of paint there’s no going back. Here we look at ways to ensure your home stands out from the crowd with half the amount of money.

Classic vs Modern

Now this is a massive dilemma many people currently designing their home are struggling with. Achieving either look can be done at the roughly the same cost, so don’t let money be a deciding factor within this debate. You have to consider what really suits you and your personality. If you’re a fan of both styles, don’t shut out the idea of mixing modern or classic touches together.

Color Repetition

Interior specialists advise that to ensure your home is complete with a cohesive style, you should utilize color repetition throughout your home and rooms. This color will change depending on what room you are styling, but to achieve an authentic feel it is advised to implement that chosen color three times within the room. Think about splashes of your theme color in rugs, an accent wall, throw blankets, cushions or curtains. Even trinkets throughout the room will add a nice touch and pop of color.


Nothing screams individuality than accessories. Accessorizing your home can be the easiest part of home styling as your budget acts as king. Choosing the home accessories that are right for you requires extensive research into ‘what fits’ and ‘what would complement’. After you choose the style, look, and colors hit the online auctions, thrift stores, and garage sales for some low cost pieces.

Home Features

From somewhere to eat to storage for your favorite books, your home features should be considered when accumulating your budget. Online retailers such as SofaSofa enable customers to find home features within their price range. Features in the home from tables to beds can be the most expensive part of home interiors, but you shouldn’t cut corners within this department as this is the area. Style and design is of the utmost importance.

What DIY restoration or repurposing projects have you done for your home?

About the Author: Lisa is a home interior stylist and blogger. Who works with both individuals and community projects within the design stages of an interior project.

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