Summer Crafts For Kids
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Summer Kid Crafts

  • Jul 10 / 2012
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When I was younger, my favorite thing to do was create arts & crafts at school. Kids have such a pure, limitless imagination. As a parent, you can think of projects and objects they can work on, but most of the time kids will just take the things you give them and come up with something of their own. Whatever they come up with, keep their minds and creative capabilities stimulated during the summer with these art supplies:

There’s nothing more exciting than making the world your own personal canvas. Your kids will spend hours drawing hopscotch patterns on the sidewalk.

2. Construction Paper
For me, construction paper was always ridiculously entertaining: I could fold and cut the paper to make hearts and different creations, draw elaborate pictures of my family and house, and even paste different objects like pasta noodles and glitter to create a three dimensional masterpiece.

3. Paint
Sometimes creativity can get kind of messy, so either put down a bunch of newspapers or have your kids paint their masterpiece in the back yard for this one.

4. Colorful sequins
The more colors the better. Sequins always remind me of the book, The Rainbow Fish. Have your kids create fish using these colorful sequins as their scales.

5. Popsicle sticks
Use an ice tray to help your kids create their own orange juice popsicles, create personalized stick figures, or build little popsicle stick buildings.

6. Clothespins
Kids can paint clothespins and clip it over some tissue paper to create butterflies, or just make their own little designs on the wood.

7. Tissue Paper
Tissue paper is a great art accessory for your kids’ crafts. They can make flower petals, wings, or glue it on paper to make their drawings come to life!

8. Colorful yarns/threads
Yarn and threads are always fun for braiding, gluing on paper to make pictures, making necklaces, etc.

9. Beads
Growing up, my sister and I went through a major bead phase. We would spend hours making bracelets for ourselves, our parents, and our friends. I loved the beads with the letters; I would put character names from my favorite cartoons in my bracelet designs.

10. Crayons/Markers
Crayons and markers are essential for any art endeavor. Not quite as messy as paint, crayons and markers are go-to tools for kiddie crafting.

Use these ten art supplies to help your kids craft, create, build, and invent their own concoctions. Of course, make sure you have necessary items like scissors and glue. The great thing about each of these items is that they are ridiculously versatile. The sky’s the limit, and your kids will find every use for them under the hot summer sun. Be Smith Smart+: let your kids exercise their creativity before school starts up next month, and have a wildly imaginative summer!


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