How to Protect Your Home During the Summertime: Security Tips
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Summertime Security, and the Livin’s Easy

  • Jul 19 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

When you’re here, the last thing  you want to worry about is whether your home is safe.

Summer is the perfect season for vacations to the beach and family trips, which also makes it the prime time for home invasions and burglaries. Here are ways to keep your home safe, sound, and off your mind when you’re out of town.

1. Make sure all your windows and doors are locked and secure before you leave home.

The average time it takes a burglar to rob your house is around 10 minutes; that means they usually don’t have much trouble getting inside of your home. Sometimes all it takes is making sure the front and back doors are locked, or the first floor windows are latched securely.

2. Don’t leave your valuables in plain sight.

Leaving an iPad on the table next to the window or jewelry left out on the kitchen counter makes your home look like a burglar’s delight. Like hiding the junk food in your pantry behind all the healthy food, cut out the temptation.

3. Keep your window blinds slanted down and leave a lamp or two on while you’re out of town.

Having your shades half open but angled down makes it so thieves can’t look directly into your window, and leaving a lamp on gives the illusion that your home is occupied. Burglars are looking for an easy in-and-out; if burglars think you’re home, they are less likely to intrude.

4. Don’t leave your front key in easy-to-find “hiding” places.

Basically, don’t leave your key hiding under any turtle, flower pot, rock, mat, Greek sculpture, etc. Have keys made for your family members, and let them keep it on their own keychain or lanyard. If someone needs access to your home, lend them your key. Otherwise, if the contractor or repairman needs to come in, find a time when you can be home. Leaving a key outside of your home is dangerous and unnecessary.

5. Let someone you trust know when you’re going to be out of town.

Tell a trusted friend or neighbor that you’re going out of town so they can keep an eye on your house or even house sit a couple hours a day so your home looks occupied while you’re gone.

6. Invest in home alarm monitoring.

Even when you’re out of town, an alarm monitoring system will ensure that whether your home is on fire or being robbed, your home will be watched over and monitored 24/7.

7. Invest in home automation systems.

No, this is not the same as the last tip. The main difference is instead of wondering what’s going on in your home, you can be connected through your Internet-accessible phone, computer, or tablet. That means you can watch what’s happening in your home as it happens, receive text alerts with updates from your security system, and maintain your control over your home even when you’re across the world.

8. Don’t announce your departure via social media!

It’s very tempting to immediately upload Facebook albums of your kids building sandcastles at the beach or tweeting that you’re sipping a pina colada by the pool, but you can always make your friends and relatives jealous later. Don’t broadcast that your home is going to be vulnerable for the next two weeks while you’re hundreds of miles away in Mexico.

The majority of burglaries occur during June, July, and August. Keep your home safe while you’re on vacation this summer. Be Smith Smart+, and follow these tips to ensure that your home stays exactly the way you left it.

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