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  • Aug 29 / 2013
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America Spends HOW MUCH on Terrorism?

First things first, we all understand that wars costs quite a bit of money, but lets see how terrorizing the “Risk” of Terrorism really is.

In the following infographic you will see an eye opening comparison chart that will show you all the ways that you are more likely to die than a terrorist attack. Most people will see this chart and view it as scare tactic when in all reality it’s geared towards quite the opposite: Relieving some of the “terror” that’s involved with Terrorism. No one is claiming anything based on a conspiracy theory or some belief that some elite group created Terrorism. This was all based on a study done by The Progressive Review. The ratios were compiled using data from 2004 National Safety Council Estimates, a report based on data from The National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition, 2003 mortality data from the Center for Disease Control was utilized. The infographic was created by Meg McLain.

The Risk Of Terrorism Infographic

Now lets talk about the “America Spends HOW MUCH on Terrorism?” part.

Out of all the conclusions one could draw from this information, there is one thing that kept rattling in my brain. It wasn’t until I looked up the dollar signs attached to defense spending in America when I realized, we have our priorities all wrong. What made it even personally hard to read was when I was shown how much of OUR money was going towards spending on defense and fighting this “terrorism”.

Where do my taxes go? As you see on the left, most of the budget goes towards Social Security  & Defense spending. The point where this turns into a problem is when you look at the total number of all the things America funds compared to defense. Here it comes…

For the 2011 fiscal year, the president’s base budget of the Department of spending on “overseas contingency operations” brings the sum to $664.84 billion. 

What’s the sum of the spending against Cardio Vascular Disease(CVD)? Hows $432 billion/year sound? Now granted, thats QUITE a large number. No one would argue that.

The problem is: Statistically, logically, and above all else, morally, the budget for defense should not be larger than the budget on something we know for a fact kills 7 out of 10 Americans every day. (CVD)


Keep in mind that we have only scratched the surface of one of the biggest killers in America. We have not even talked about how much is spent against Cancer. Are you curious? A measly $4.8 Billion. 

We could go down the list of every single thing that we spend money on and pick it apart but that would be monotonous. The point can already be drawn that America’s priorities are not where it needs to be. If I was a husband and a father and i was making $50,000 a year and most of my income was going towards spending on defending my neighbors home rather than worrying about my family; You would call me a bad father. You would say my priorities are not in line. You can always tell a mans character by where his money and resources are aimed. Likewise, you can tell a country’s ambitions and goals by what it’s budget reflects.

This article was written by Ronak Kallianpur. Ronak is a writer for Trigger Marketing Group. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and check out his music on Soundcloud. Follow his personal blog here.

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