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  • Sep 14 / 2013
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The Dunk Tank

We ran a competition here at Smith Monitoring and we brought in a dunk tank as promised by our marketing team. Looks like dunking our managers and coworkers wasn’t as easy as we thought! We did get the hang of it, though.

We had quite a bit of fun! Just another day here at Smith Monitoring!

  • Sep 12 / 2013
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Which Companies Own Everything?

Have you ever had a bad experience with a certain brand and then committed to yourself that you will never ever support said brand for the rest of your life? My father tends to do this a lot. And I’m sure that your father probably did the same. It’s a dad thing, but we all inherited it.

If someone has a terrible experience, whether it’s a lack of customer service or just a product failing because it was poorly manufactured, you feel as if you just got screwed over.

That’s when vengeance takes over. You think to yourself, “What can I do to make them pay! I spent $26.78 on that remote and it only lasted about 5 months!” Well the answer to that question is: nothing. You can do absolutely nothing about it.

It’s time we all come to terms with this fact. Are you wondering what would happen if we supported smaller brands? Maybe we would have to spend a little more but it’s worth never forking over a penny to the evil big names.

Its sad to say that those smaller brands are actually owned by the bigger ones you are just so justifiably angry with. Don’t believe me? Go to your pantry right now and flip over every single box and look for the main manufacturer of the product. I promise you will start seeing a trend. It gets worse when you start looking at your electronics too. Roughly 90% of our electronics come from the same country and most of the time… the same company.

Here’s a quick little breakdown of all the bigger guys in produce and groceries that own the smaller guys. Here is the answer to that question, which companies own everything? 

Choice of Brands
Steal This Image

As you see, at the end of the day, every consumable product is owned by less than a dozen of the same brands. Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense, too. For example: Why does the same company that owns Loreal & Garnier hair products, also have its hand in hotpockets?

That infographic is titled “Illusion of Choice”. Which is very fitting seeing how no matter what you buy, you always, in essence, end up paying towards a corporation you may or may not support.

Some may see this differently. Some see it as more choices are available to fit the consumers’ needs. If you don’t like one smaller brand, you can simply choose an alternative. Nevertheless, the point still stands. Most of the world’s consumable good is owned by these companies. It’s up to you to see whether you see that as a blessing, or a curse.

The truth of the matter is that after its all said and done, the only TRUE way to support business that are NOT owned by these big guys, is to visit local stores and local restaurants. The mom & pop stores that do not cut corners when it comes to giving great customer service, because they simply cannot afford to lose their business.


This article was written by Preston Hanisko. Preston is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Follow him on Twitter, or Google+. Follow his personal blog here.

  • Jul 12 / 2013
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Smith Home Security Blog

Top 3 Most Common Mistakes Made When Moving To A New Home

Uhaul Moving Truck

Most problems people encounter when moving to a new place are discovered after the move and are due to negligence before the move. This is particularly true with the moving company you decide to use and how well you organize the move.

Failure to do the proper research on your moving company
You would think people would make this a priority, but when a big move is planned, whether across town or to another city, there is simply too much on the mind of family members. Typically, a person will often use a moving company found in the local phone book or one that is close by but not all moving companies are the same.
Getting several quotes from different moving companies is important, but you need to be careful not to jump on the lowest bid and hire them for your move. As with any other type of business, there are levels of professionalism, and you want to hire a company that will take care of your property. The companies that do the best jobs will also have the most experience, so this is an important factor in choosing a moving company.

Failure to purchase adequate insurance
Even after you have hired a top notch moving company, accidents can happen. This is why you not only need to have insurance but the proper insurance. It is not very expensive and will give you peace of mind. It is true that a moving company is obligated by law to provide coverage in the case of damaged or lost goods, but this coverage can be much lower than you assume it to be. It is best to understand what a moving company will cover, then look at the cost of the coverage you would like to have. Although a moving company may have optional coverage for an increased amount of money, this type of coverage is also available from third party insurance companies, and they may have a better deal.

Not taking inventory and organizing boxes in a move.
This is something that probably should be at the top of the list. When people move they start putting things in boxes but forget to label the boxes. If they do label the boxes it will be something generic like kitchen. This is not good enough. After the move is complete, there is never enough time to unpack in a day. Certain items will be needed more quickly than others. Each box needs to be numbered and have a content listing kept as inventory. You can label a box kitchen or other places in the house, but on a separate paper, the contents need to be listed. Once the move is complete and there is a need for a specific item, it can be found quickly.

Other problems when moving to a new home
Although the three problems above are most common, there are others that people experience on a regular basis. One is with underestimated the job of packing. After you move, you can take your time unpacking, but packing for the move will have time constraints. You may not have enough people helping with the packing. If there is a large amount of packing to be done, professional packers can be hired in advance.

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