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  • Mar 05 / 2013
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Smith Home Security Blog

7 Ways to Redo Your Room


A little creativity is all it takes to make your bedroom stand out. Here are 8 tips that will help you decorate your bedroom.

#1 Focus: Make a point the focus for your room. Whether it’s your bed or upholstered windows seat that you move the eye towards. You can even draw attention to the area above your bed or even your closet. Make sure that particular spot grabs attention. Accentuate with throw pillows or different colored decor to emphasize the area.

#2 Mirrors: These can work magically to make your room seem larger and add more depth and decoration. Use them strategically to enhance the sense of spaciousness. Try taking a large, framed mirror and lean it against the wall instead of hanging it for a relaxing touch.

#3 Paint: Paint a single wall a different color. It can dramatically contrast the color than the rest of the room, or simply be a few shades lighter or darker. This will add dimension to your room. A touch of wallpaper or painted pattern will draw positive attention to that specific region of the room.

#4 Theme: Choose a theme for the room. It can be anything based on your creative choice and personality. Be aware of your color choices and that they compliment each other, even if they’re contrasting colors. Whether you choose a theme of monochromatic colors, a spread of vintage décor, or your displaying your collection of butterfly figurines (or a mixture of your entire personality) consider the placement to display your theme and personality most effectively.

#5 Personality and customization: Add some features that lend your space a unique touch. If you’re a movie buff or obsessed with a TV show, add posters or fan memorabilia to share your loyalty. If you’re into a more eclectic look, add some pieces by adding some hand crafted or painted objects as decoration. Oversized artwork is another good touch to any room and a fantastic conversation piece when you have guests over.

#6 Candles: Candles are an inexpensive way to enhance the ambience of any room. Not only do they make a room smell sweet and clean, but also they lend a certain charm to an otherwise plain looking area. Check out some DIY articles on making your own candles and creating your own scents.

#7 Scale: Another very important aspect of decorating a room is to scale everything according to the size of your room. This will ensure that your room appears sleek, clean and not cluttered. A cluttered room can suppress the positive aspects of the space and the decor will be marred.

Your bedroom can speak a lot about your personality. Make sure your ultimate refuge is as unique as you by following these simple tips and tricks.

About the Author: Paul is a freelance writer that loves to share home decoration tips in order to help people improve the appearance of their home. You can have a look at his site in order to learn more on him.

  • Feb 26 / 2013
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Smith Home Security Blog

How To Make Your Old Cabinets Brand New


Are you sick and tired of those cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom? Did the previous owners of your home have terrible taste in cabinetry? You can change the look of a room dramatically by simply refinishing your cabinets. It’s simple to avoid spending tons of money and making this a DIY project and sharing it with your friends and family.

For this project you need couple of clean rags, plenty of 220-grit sandpaper, sealer primer of your choice, paint brush and a paint roller, polyurethane, and your selected paint or stain.

You’ll want to choose a paint color or stain you really love, so take some time to think it over. Take a visit to your local hardware store to grab the remaining supplies you need. Hardware stores will have paint professionals that can offer your some helpful suggestions for your DIY project.

Make sure to purchase gloves and a safety mask during this project, so you don’t inhale any dust or paint fumes. Take proper safety precautions if any fumes get to your or if children are around.


It’s time to clean! Make sure your rags are clean and wash each cabinet down with warm water. After a good scrub down, you may find that a deep cleaning is all your cabinets needed. In that case, finish cleaning them, make the appropriate touch ups, and move on. However, if you want to continue keep on reading!


As soon as the cabinets are dry, rub them down with your 220-grit sandpaper. Really rough them up. Make sure you have more sandpaper, because you’re going to need plenty of it for this project.


With your sealer primer, paint the surface and wait for it to dry. This would be a great time for a nap.


Now it’s time to buff your newly primed surface with sandpaper again. Wipe away the dust with a dry rag. This is a laborious task, but the effort you’re putting it will pay off greatly.


Now it’s time to paint. Tape off any sections you see fit for other colors. Use a paint roller or paintbrush and apply paint evenly. Don’t worry if you find you need multiple coats to get a perfectly even color, that’s expected! Just make sure you allow each coat to dry before moving on to the next, and remember to buff the cabinets down with your 220-grit sandpaper between coats.


When that last coat is dry, apply at least two coats of polyurethane. Buffer it with your sandpaper between coats. You’re finally done with the sand paper after this! Don’t forget to wipe away your dust after each and every coat.


After you’re done with the cabinets, consider replacing the knobs and hardware on the doors and drawers. Freshen up the rest of your bathroom by purchasing a new shower curtain and towels to match your new cabinet. Adding some little touches like candles and picture frames will liven up your space.

About the Author: Dwayne Smith writes for Granite Transformations, a company that manufactures bath and kitchen cabinets. If you are looking to make a new home more your own, a cabinet refacing can be a quick and easy solution.

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