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  • Sep 27 / 2013
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SHOCKING: Dogs, Bats, Snakes – 3 Animals Used In Warfare

Nothing strives for stimulation in creativity of inventors more than warfare, or the threat of war. Not only because of the need of defense, but also the amount lucrative business behind war. Internet, GPS navigation, radar, rockets, and nuclear energy all trace their origins to military applications. Most of the weapons of war carried on through the changing of times, but there are some forgotten mechanics that were used to intimidate and destroy the enemy. Here are the strangest weapons of war.

Anti-Tank Dogs

Hitlers invasion of the Soviet Union during WWII left the Russians scrambling to repel the German armored columns slicing their way across the open steppes. the russians came up with one unique solution: starve dogs, then train them to search for food underneath enemy tanks. Explosive-laden packs strapped to the dogs would explode when the animal was in position under the advancing tank. Because of the secrecy of Russia at the time, the number of dogs killed was unsure. It;s worth noting that America also experimented with explosive-laden dogs, dubbed “demolition wolves“, during World War II, before abandoning the program. Enemies in Iraq in 2005 tried to use suicide dogs against America, but there were no reports of these attacks destroy any tanks or other armored vehicles.

Pots of Venomous Snakes

Just about almost every single country has signed a treaty banning the use of biological warfare has a long and deadly history. One of the first uses of bio-weapons, and certainly one of the most innovative, was developed by the great general Hannibal. Hannibal ordered his troops to hurl clay pots filled with deadly snakes onto the decks of the enemy ships. The surprised sailors were forced to fend off the attack as well as venomous snakes. Hannibal’s troops won the battle.


Bat Bombs

The idea of using these flying mammals as weapons was proposed by America dentist Lytle S. Adams during World War II. Thousands of bats were strapped with small explosives and dropped from planes in bomb-shaped canisters, which would then deploy tiny parachutes. That bats would come out and then take shelter in Japanese factories, warehouses, and other buildings, where they would hang until their explosives detonated. Tests showed the bats to be less than reliable and the program, dubbed Project X-Ray, was scrapped.

This article was written by Ronak KallianpurRonak is a writer for Trigger Marketing GroupDallas Marketing Firm. Follow him on TwitterInstagram, and check out his music on Soundcloud. Follow his personal blog here.

  • Sep 18 / 2013
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Where Is My Job? – What Americans Do For Work [Infographic]

Presidency after presidency we have been fed numbers that speak volumes of where this country has taken its turn on job growth. Growth. The name thats shouted over and over again by nominees running for that spot in the oval office every term. When Obama was running for 2012, he spouted plenty of statistics that claimed that we have had the biggest employment boost in years! Which sounded amazing, hence, why he is in that oval office again. But then we saw his competitors do the same thing but show different numbers; showing that he wasn’t as successful as he was claiming in the private sector.

Who do we believe? Huckabee (who wasn’t as successful when he ran for presidency) still had quite a mouthful to say when it came to jobs (or the lack of) in America. He had a whole segment on his show titled “Wheres My Job?”. Which proves that the numbers that are coming from the politicians are not even close to what is actually happening out there.

Mike Rowe from the hit cable show “Dirty Jobs” even had something to say about the unemployment rate in America. He also has a little input regarding student loans.

Lastly, theres quite of blame to go to the lack of manufacturing jobs in America. The amount of labor that we had here in the states back in the 70′s compared to now is alarming. It shows how many jobs have been taken OUT of America and put right into China and other countries that offer low labor costs.

Where Is My Job

Steal This Image

This article was written by Preston Hanisko. Preston is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Follow him on Twitter, or Google+. Follow his personal blog here.

  • Sep 11 / 2013
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In Remembrance of 9/11

9/11 donate

In remembrance of those lost 12 years ago on this dreadful day, Smith Monitoring has committed to donate $50 to Tuesday’s Children for ever new customer signed up. Tuesdays Children is an Organization that was founded to help heal those who were directly impacted by the events of September 11, 2001. Tuesday’s Children also holds various community events throughout the year.

donate to children

The services provided by Tuesday’s Children include mentoring, counseling, college & career guidance, helping heal programs, and leadership programs. The major goal of these every service is to spark positivity in the lives of those who have been affected by terror directly.

Tuesdays Children has also partnered with other organizations and corporations to increase the value of what it provides to the lives it touches and to maximize the positive impact it can make.

Smith Monitoring salutes Tuesday’s Children for the outstanding work it does in each life it touches. We know that without such organizations America’s communities would not be able to stand proudly and recover from tragedies that they face. Smith has committed to stand as a partner with this fund to heal the wounds of our country. We realized that our country’s children were the ones most effected on 9/11, which is why we aligned with Tuesday’s Children.

Help us by sharing this promotion and calling in to see how you can contribute.

Donate 9/11


This article was written by Ronak KallianpurRonak is a writer for Trigger Marketing Group. Follow him on TwitterInstagram, and check out his music on Soundcloud. Follow his personal blog here.

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