The 5 Weird Things You Can Buy Online For $5
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5 Weird Things You Can Buy Online For $5

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There is no doubt about it, the Internet is a strange place. Not only is it strange and unpredictable as far as content goes, but even the things you can buy. Here are the strangest things I found on the site “Fiverr”. Trust me, this only scratches the surface of what has to offer. With out further adieu, let’s get weird.

1. Guy Takes A Shower For You Fully Clothed

Weird Fiverr

What the weirdest part about all this is that the ad even says that he will “entertain” you after and even say a custom message for you. The guy is actually pretty hilarious. It’s not what he says, but how he says it. And the shower is actually not a… “shower” per say… It’s more of him taking a gallon or two and throwing it over his head. Here he is!

2. Guy Says Anything You Want While His Eyes Are Popped Out

Weird Fiverr

Trust me if you see the videos that he makes its extremely creepy. He has this Strange accent too. It might be some sort of lisp. This is a great prank for anyone thats easily scared of.. really anything. If you really want to freak someone out, this would be your best bet.

3. Guy Draws Baby Chicken, Roasts it, Then Mails it to You

When I first read this I was traumatized. Then I saw the picture… Then reread the title and noticed the “DRAW” part. Which eased my mind. Then I begin to realize how strange this really is. Who does this? Why would you even want this mailed to you? And people are actually paying for this? Then I realized that I… wanted one… It’s like a reality T.V. Show. You KNOW It’s stupid, but you cant stop watching it. Order your roasted chicken today!

4. Lady Puts A Spell On Whoever You Want


We just can’t make this stuff up. The ads description starts off with “Do you hate your boss? GF? BF? Wife?…” And basically lists off all the people in the world that we should actually NOT hate. Then presents a “once in a life time” opportunity to put a curse on them. My thought is, what makes it once in a life time opportunity if you have repeated customers. Anyway… So if you ever wanted to hex someones day… (am I even saying that right?) hire this lady for only $5 to do it!

3. Guy Removes Spell Or Any Negative Forces


Uh Oh, looks like we have some competing businesses here! Let’s just set the record straight, this is NOT a laughing matter. This guy claims to use a very old German/Pennsylvania Dutch candle magic technique that his grandmother taught him. So obviously this is the real deal. So if you find yourself being attacked by.. oh I dont know.. a lady’s curse that someone bought against you, simply spend only 5 dollars to rid any negative forces around you. Again, you cannot make this stuff up

This article was written by Preston Hanisko. Preston is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Follow him on Twitter, or Google+. Follow his personal blog here.

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