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The Amazing iPhone Breaks into the Home Security Industry

  • Sep 28 / 2011
Home Security Industry, Smith Home Security Blog

The face of the home security alarm industry is changing every day and now more than ever.  Alarm systems today are offering far more than just security.  The latest alarm systems on the market offer excellent security while also integrating elements of home automation.  In this article we will explore some of the highlights of these new Smart Home alarm systems.

The most popular feature of these new Smart Home systems is the ability to manage your home from your smart phone or computer from anywhere in the world.  These new systems come with online management programs and apps for your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry smart phones.  These tools give you access to arm and disarm your alarm as well as manage the other home automation elements of your system.

Along with remote login capability the new Smart Home systems give you the ability to add home automation devices such as lighting controls and thermostat controls.  This give you the option of controlling your lighting or appliances as well as your thermostats from anywhere in the world from your iPhone or computer.  This advanced technology offers a variety of control options such as manual control or more advanced settings such as rules and schedules that can be set for your devices.

In summary we are seeing many changes to the home security industry that is driven largely by consumer demand.  In this technologically advanced time that we live in people expect more features and more control over the electronic equipment in their home.  The new Smart Home security equipment on the market not only delivers this technology but it does so in a very sleek package that is user friendly.  This new equipment offers plenty of options for the tech savvy but delvers it in a system that can be managed by those who are not so techs savvy as well.


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