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The Importance of Coupling Home Monitoring and Home Insurance

  • Nov 21 / 2011
Smith Home Security Blog

No one can predict when a home disaster might happen; a burglary on concert night, a random hailstorm, a bored teenager with a paintball gun. Something could happen to your home, or your neighbors’ home, at any time. Having your home insured is crucial to security, to cover and compensate you in the event that the worst occurs. Still, there exists a mutually important aspect of security: home monitoring. Having a properly monitored home can allay some home security issues before they even become a problem. The combination of home insurance and home monitoring ensures that you will avoid some problems entirely but will be covered in all other cases.

Krystal DeAlano, professional agent and leader of the Krystal DeAlano Insurance Agency, stated the following: “Security systems and homeowner’s policies work together to provide much more than safety and protecting your personal property.  In the event a home is burglarized, an individual who makes a claim through their insurance policy will have the concern of how much their insurance premiums will be affected going forward.  A monitored security system will deter burglars and greatly reduce the chance of having to make a claim, thus keeping a family’s insurance premiums at a minimum year after year.”

Farmers Insurance, with which DeAlano is affiliated, offers complete coverage. After a successful claim has gone through, those covered can expect to have their replacement, rebuilding, and relocation costs defrayed. This means being able to purchase the same model computer or TV after a burglary, having additional funds to replace custom modifications to your home after a fire, and receiving money to cover your hotel costs if displaced from your home.

As completely as home insurance can take care of you in a worst-case event, how great would it be never to have to experience the negative effects of it at all? Having good home monitoring will reduce the risk for such events. A would-be burglar sees the sign in your yard that says your house is protected, and thus passes it by. A small electrical fire breaks out, and your security system alerts the fire station before you even dial the phone. It is possible, with competent and trustworthy home monitoring, to enjoy peace of mind and security beyond that of home insurance alone. You will feel secure not only in the extra barrier of protection that home monitoring provides but also in knowing that your attention to taking care of your home keeps your insurance premiums low. Deterring threats before they become problems and being protected in all other situations: that is the feeling of true home security.

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