The Room That Will Sell Your House
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The Room That Will Sell Your House

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Modular kitchen

When thinking about selling a home, there is so much to consider, trying to lure a queue of interested parties. But for many, the kitchen could just be the trump card to adding value and prospective buyers fall in love with the place.

Here, you will discover the lowdown on cost depending on the type of property and how much work is required if you are considering such an option.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Be mindful though that a new kitchen doesn’t price you out of selling it when the time comes.

Potential buyerswill be looking, not only at the home itself, but the surrounding area too. Imagine as an example, you are one of many interested people looking to buy a particular property and are indecisive about putting in an offer.

This could be because you don’t like that the rest of the streets houses are of a bland 1960’s prefab style and not in keeping with the Victorian house being sold.

Owing to having past problems selling the property, the home owner tries to be clever by adding a new kitchen and then asks for 40k above the value of the other houses in the street. Now this could smack of trying to claw money back on and above the ceiling price which ver few people will be willing to pay.

With the price now out of range, you and any other interested buyers will probably opt out…

Don’t Overlook Everything Else In The Home

Just because the kitchen might look the part, it doesn’t mean you should neglect the rest of the property. Many people tend to forget this point, but it’s important to think about any other little jobs around the home that may need doing. Mending a pane of broken glass here or a broken door handle there, all go some way to convincing the buyer that a property has been well maintained. Ultimately, you want to convince them that very little needs doing to the place once they move in.

If fixing part of your home requires an expert opinion and you’re worried about funds, speak to various contractors and ask their advice on similar work they have done previously.

Selling Your House After Making Changes

For a large proportion of UK estate agents, fewer than 50% of the homes they advertise for sale surprisingly never get sold. It should be stressed too that the three most important things to remember when looking to sell your home all begin with the letter ‘P’. These are Price, Promotion and Presentation.

Find an estate agent you trust, that doesn’t charge extortionate fees, and use their years of experience. They’ll know how much your property is worth, or how much it could be worth, so listen to them. If you don’t like the sound of their price, get a second or even third opinion.


According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), a kitchen makeover can add as much as 4-5% in value to your home. This will of course make it a more attractive option for any potential buyers, but make sure you don’t overspend in proportion to the current value of the property. For example, it’s no use spending £25k on a new kitchen when the total value of your home is only worth £170k.

The kitchen is often the room that buyers are impressed by, and can really help to sell a house. However remember buyers aren’t going to shell out exactly what you paid for a full refurbishment, especially if they don’t like the colour scheme.

Are you thinking of refurbishing your kitchen before you sell? If you’re a buyer, tell us what you’re looking for in a kitchen.

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