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The Secret to a Great Family Weekend

  • Apr 07 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

You really, really want to go someplace this weekend, but you almost need to rob a bank just to pay for a tank of gas. So here are a couple of my favorite day trip locations that cost less than an average spending spree at the mall:

1) Parks: Want to enjoy some fresh air and some scenery? Take the family on a picnic to the city park! Like a tiny oasis, the park has a ton of options for you and your family and it will only cost you the price of a picnic basket. If you’re looking for something a little bit farther, check out this great list of state parks to find one near you!

2) Museums: Some of my favorite memories as a kid were piling into our old Suburban and driving to the Museum of Natural Science and History in Denver. From your more traditional science and art museums, to museums dedicated to Spam and Trash, you’ll no doubt find one to satisfy your every whimsy. And the great thing is that most museums today are either free or offer a season pass that allows you to visit as much as you want for a flat price.

3) Lakes/Rivers: Grab your dad’s old fishing gear or just pack your bathing suit and a book, one of the cheapest day trips out there is a quick jaunt to a local pond or lake for an afternoon in the sun.

4) Festivals: Festivals are fantastic way to travel to a close city or town and experience something completely new. From festivals dedicated to food, music, dancing, crafts, sports, or culture, it’s impossible to leave one without learning something new.

I know many of you have three-day weekends this week. You could sleep in, maybe catch up on those episodes of Community you’ve missed or clean the fridge. Or you could grab the family, a camera, and some food supplies, and head out on an adventure.

Do you have any fun day trip idea? Share below!

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