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The Secret to a Peaceful Car Ride with Your Newborn

  • May 10 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

Kids are a blessing…that is until you try and put them in the car and before you know it, your little angel has turned into a crying, screaming, mini-monster that you can barely recognize. While I’ve heard the rumor of children who are soothed by a car ride around the block, I’ve never actually seen one in real life. So here are some solutions for those of us who have a baby who hates the car:

If your baby is upset when you put him/her into the car, check for the simple solution first—make sure they’re comfy. Are the straps of the car seat too tight? Straps should be secure enough to prevent moving around, but not tight enough that your baby is in pain. Are bunched or pinching clothes the cause of the screaming? Try changing your little one into an onesie or loose clothing so they’re more comfy. Is your baby getting enough support in the car seat itself? Surrounding your child with rolled up blankets can help make the car seat a tad more cushy and give the closeness many newborns need. Maybe the backseat is too hot or too cold? Any number of these quick fixes could be the culprit behind your baby’s discomfort.

Timing is everything for some babies. A wet diaper or upset tummy can be intensified by sitting in the car, so try and time your trips just right to eliminate these problems.

Experiment with different sounds while you drive can help calm your little ones down in the car. While some babies like the loud, white noise of a vacuum, others prefer the gentle and consistent noise of a favorite CD, so you might have to try a couple of things before you find the perfect, calming noise for your baby.

Does your child get particularly fussy on curvy roads? He or she might have motion sickness. While most babies grow out of it, you might think about scheduling an appointment with your pediatrician, just to make sure nothing else is going on or to get a prescription for medicine before a long trip.

So moms and dads, do you have any tips for helping soothe a baby during a car ride? Leave your helpful hints in the comments!



Photo by Ted Johnson

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