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What To Do In Case of a Break-In

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Coming home to find books littered on the ground, vases smashed, and valuables missing is not that uncommon. Cars are looted, personal items lifted, and homes broken into all the time. Witnessing or experiencing a crime is a horrible, often times traumatic, experience. When faced with a break-in or other types of security breaches, it is important that certain steps be taken immediately. However, some people are so emotionally involved they cannot think clearly and don’t know what to do or in what order to do them. Here are several things that should be done if you find yourself in one of these unpleasant situations.

The first step is obviously to notify the police. Because some situations could be dangerous it is advised that emergency numbers such as 911, be put on speed dial. When calling the police, even if you don’t say anything, make sure you stay on the line long enough for them to track the location of the call. Don’t hang up too quickly.

The next thing you need to do is speak directly with a police officer. Don’t leave a voice message for later, don’t talk to the receptionist, request to speak with an officer directly. You can ask for an officer to come out to your house or car, or wherever you are to investigate the situation. It’s never a bad idea to get the phone number of the person you spoke with so that you can later call back and check on the progress of things.

One more thing you should do is call the police immediately. If the situation isn’t urgent it’s easy to put the call off until the next day, but don’t do it. Waiting until later could arouse suspicion as to the legitimacy of your report, as well as limit the amount of legal action that can be taken. As soon as you notice a crime you should call the police, that way the events will still be in your mind and easy to remember.

These three simple steps will help you greatly if you ever find yourself in a situation that requires immediate attention by the police. Rehearsing a course of action now will make it easier later when thinking clearly is difficult. To save yourself the pain of a break-in why not consider investing in a home security system. While one in every four houses are broken into, only one out of every sixty houses with security systems are broken into. Don’t allow your house to be broken into.

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