Top 5 New Home Owner Security Tips: Keeping Your Home Secure
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Top 5: Keeping Your Home Secure

  • Feb 05 / 2013
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We all want to feel secure in our own homes so it makes sense to take some precautions to keep out thieves and intruders. There was a time in some communities where you could leave your back door unlocked and windows open whether you were at home or not. 

Modern life means that we are often out for most of the day and we don’t really know our neighbours. When it comes to home security it is better to be safe than sorry. Those who have had their homes broken into often suffer from stress for a considerable time after the incident. Below are five top tips that well put your mind at rest and ensure that you home is secure.

#1 Windows 

An increasing number of homeowners now have UPVC windows installed in their property. Make sure that you have burglar proof, strong window locks fitted at the outset. If your windows don’t have proper locking mechanisms it can be very expensive to have them fitted at a later date. Windows should have a good double lock and a chain fitted. Make sure that keys are never left in the locks if you want to keep out thieves.

#2 Outer Doors

If you are thinking about having an extension, e.g. one of the many attractive conservatories added to your home, make sure that they have a secure locking system. All outer doors should have a secure locking system if you want to keep out intruders. If you don’t already have them, get a dead bolt fitted on the front door to keep out intruders. Make sure that everyone locks up after leaving.

#3 Security Alarms

More homeowners now have security alarms installed. Having a good alarm system may not be cheap but it could save you the heartache and financial loss that results from a burglary. A good alarm system will operate on all windows and outer doors, and spotting an alarm will often be enough to put off would be intruders and thieves. 

#4 Tell the Milkman 

If you plan to be away, even if it is only for the weekend, stop any special deliveries being dropped off. Many people have gone for a short vacation and forgotten to inform the scheduled orders they receive. Opportunistic thieves love to see lots of mail and packages on a doorstep because it means the owner is away. 

Don’t forget to tall your newspaper service not to deliver papers during the period that you are away. Newspapers and other mail protruding from mailboxes is just another invitation to a burglar. Cancel any regular deliveries before you go away.

#5 In or Out

If you are going to be out for the evening then leave a light on and curtains drawn. Most thieves are put off trying to break into a property if they think that someone is at home. If you are only out for a couple of hours then leave the television switched on as well, the would be thief won’t be sure whether you are in or out.

How do you protect your home while you’re away? Share your tips!


About the Author: Crispin Jones is writing on behalf of Stormclad, providers and fitters of conservatries and UPVC windows. Follow this link to find out more about their conservatries and UPVC windows.

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