Washroom Essentials - Making Your Bathroom A Better Environment
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Washroom Essentials – Making Your Bathroom A Better Environment

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When it comes to employee happiness money ranks very highly. However, money isn’t the only motivator for workers. Facilities play a large part in how a person feels about the company that they work for. Where they have to sit, work and eat can all influence how productive a person can be.

One area in the workplace that often gets underestimated is that of the humble washroom. A poor quality environment can have a real negative effect on staff morale and output. Likewise an effective washroom can have the opposite effect.

Here are some suggestions that will help to ensure that your washroom plays a positive part of influencing staff morale and well-being. Don’t forget that there could also be company visitors who also use your washroom facilities.

Getting the Basics Right

Team culture and motivation can be affected if users find the bathroom more institutional than personal.

The minimum standards for any working washroom should be that they are kept clean and dry, especially the floor areas. The following items are seen as almost mandatory:

  • WC cubicles
  • Sink
  • Paper towels or air dryer
  • Door
  • Failing in any one of these areas will detract from the basic usability of any office washroom.

    Secondary Considerations

    Taking things to the next level will provide additional comfort for users of this important room. Here you can expect to find additional items that provide an extra touch of luxury and functionality.

    The first thing to deal with concerns privacy. Many office washrooms don’t deal with this element too well. Double check that the lock works properly, as you would expect it to as a minimum requirement. If there are issues here then it should be replaced. This applies as much to the room as it does to any WC cubicles areas.

    A non-controlled toilet tissue dispenser is a nice touch. Most people are put off by dispensers that only allow 1 square of paper at any given time. Whilst there might be a place for this type of equipment, the office washroom probably isn’t the best place.

    A decent mirror is a must. Give some thought to the different heights of people that you employ. Normally a portrait mirror will work better in helping to make sure that everyone can use it. Landscapes and oval mirrors are fine but they must always be positioned at the correct height to allow for both the tallest and shortest of employees.

    Quality Experience

    If you are looking to leave a lasting experience for all the right reasons then opting for quality over bare function will help to deliver this.

    Great ways of achieving this can come in the shape of:

  • 2-ply toilet tissue
  • Brighter wall colouring
  • Coat rack and handbag hooks
  • Plants and flowers
  • Choosing some or even all of the above will help to transform the office washroom from a boring space to something that closer represents what people have in their own homes.

    You could even take things to the next level by incorporating art. This is a very effective way to brighten up any office washroom space, especially if some of the art-work is created by employees of your company.

    Other Influences

    A final word revolves around the importance of keeping this area clean and tidy. Realistically you should only expect your staff to do so much regarding this. As a result it is essential to allow for regular inspections, during which time any dirt or grime can be cleaned up.

    Taking this pro-active approach will help to ensure that the company washroom becomes a talking point for all the right reasons. Likewise, failing in this area can leave people air less than positive views about your facilities.

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