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What You Need to Know How to Do Right Now-Part 1

  • Apr 17 / 2012
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Photo by Eugene Hood via Flickr


Life is difficult enough without worrying about looking like a fool or relying on someone else to help you out of a fix. Here’s a list of a few skills you need to know right now:


Remember People’s Names: while “Hey…you” has it’s certain charms, actually remembering your coworkers’ names will save you embarrassment and make you look awesome. If you’ve every watched The Office, you’ll remember Michael Scott’s trick of mnemonic devices (Baldy, Shirt Guy, etc.), which while affective for some of you, old fashion repetition does just fine for the rest of us. When you first meet a person, try and use their name right away and as often as possible without sounding like a weird-o, such as, “And how ‘bout you Lars, do you like fro-yo? Really, me too! What’s your favorite flavor of fro-yo, Lars?”


Basic First Aid: chances are you’ll never need more than a large collection of My Little Pony Band-Aids but just in case, you should know the principles of first aid. How to treat mild burns, fevers, and if you have kids, how to get marbles out of nostrils are all great things to know how to do. Taking a CPR class at the Y or through the Red Cross looks great on your resume and also can help you save a life. The Mayo Clinic  has a great guide to all sorts of basic first aid info, from black eyes to human bites (kids again, probably).


Creating a Basic Budget: whether you’re well on your way to being featured on Extreme Couponing or if you’re one step away from Shopaholic’s Anonymous, you should know how to create a budget for yourself and how to stick with it. Start off by writing down your expenses for a month, writing down everything you buy. Be as specific as possible; so if you spent $37 on Amazon, write down that it was on collector Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and yarn instead of just putting Amazon. After the month is up, make a list of your monthly income and then necessary expenses, like the utility bill and mortgage. Finally, subtract all of your expenses from your income. Is the number positive or negative? If you’re like most of us, it’s probably negative. Which is scary, but with a few adjustments, you too can start spending less than you earn. If you’re looking for some great budgeting tools try Mint or this handy dandy Build-a-Budget Worksheet. 


Have any guesses for the next three? Leave me a comment below! For the rest of you, come back later in the week to find out!


Photo by Eugene Hood

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