Where Is My Job? -What Americans Do For Work [Infographic]
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Where Is My Job? – What Americans Do For Work [Infographic]

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Presidency after presidency we have been fed numbers that speak volumes of where this country has taken its turn on job growth. Growth. The name thats shouted over and over again by nominees running for that spot in the oval office every term. When Obama was running for 2012, he spouted plenty of statistics that claimed that we have had the biggest employment boost in years! Which sounded amazing, hence, why he is in that oval office again. But then we saw his competitors do the same thing but show different numbers; showing that he wasn’t as successful as he was claiming in the private sector.

Who do we believe? Huckabee (who wasn’t as successful when he ran for presidency) still had quite a mouthful to say when it came to jobs (or the lack of) in America. He had a whole segment on his show titled “Wheres My Job?”. Which proves that the numbers that are coming from the politicians are not even close to what is actually happening out there.

Mike Rowe from the hit cable show “Dirty Jobs” even had something to say about the unemployment rate in America. He also has a little input regarding student loans.

Lastly, theres quite of blame to go to the lack of manufacturing jobs in America. The amount of labor that we had here in the states back in the 70′s compared to now is alarming. It shows how many jobs have been taken OUT of America and put right into China and other countries that offer low labor costs.

Where Is My Job

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This article was written by Preston Hanisko. Preston is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Follow him on Twitter, or Google+. Follow his personal blog here.

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