Rediscover & Declutter: Tips on Organizing Your Home
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Where’s the Cat??: Declutterification 101

  • Jul 24 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

Is your home piling up with more and more “things” as the kids get older? Do you find yourself wanting to go on vacation just so you can stay in an open, spacious hotel room? If you are using your garage as anything other than a place to park your car, then you are in serious need of some declutterfication.

Depending on how cluttered your home is, you’ll need to figure out how to pace yourself. However, let’s address the three main areas of your house:

1. The Attic/Garage.

This is usually the place where we put things that we hardly ever even look at anymore: broken Christmas decorations, rusted tools, old mattresses, bikes that the children have outgrown, etc. Grab the few things that you still do use, like the lawn mower, gardening tools, beach chairs, and set those to the side. If you haven’t used it in a year, then get rid of it. If it’s broken beyond use, trash it. If it’s functioning and in good condition, donate it. Garage sales are the most popular option, and of course you can go through the other rooms in your house to include things in your sale.

2. The Kitchen.

I know a few people who are guilty of cluttering up this room *cough*Mom*cough*. Whether you just love buying new dishes while the old ones keep getting pushed out of sight, or whether your pantry keeps piling up with canned foods that never get eaten, simplifying your cooking space will help you enjoy cooking in the kitchen again. Declutter your home while doing a good deed: donate all your unused dishes and nonperishable foods instead of having them just taking up space.

3. The Living Room/Game Room/Kids’ Room.

Yes, I’m grouping these three rooms together because I’m talking about the room that has all the toys. As your kids grow up, you buy them things to match their age: first it’s little soft bears and toy games that teach them about animals, shapes, and colors. Then, it’s barbies, toy trucks, and legos. Eventually, it’s board games, video games, cell phones, etc. A lot of parents that I know, *cough*Momagain*cough* like to hold onto all sorts of their kids’ toys as nostalgia, or they give the excuse “Your kids will play with these someday.” I’m sorry, I love you, Mom, but that’s most likely not going to happen. I don’t want my kids to have to play with ancient toys that I drooled on and all-but-destroyed as a toddler. So go ahead, round up all the toys that your kids don’t play with anymore and add it to your pile of donations or garage sale items. You can always keep your child’s first teddy bear or any toy that might have particularly special memories associated with them, but chances are no one will ever see these toys.

Of course, each “junk” room varies from home to home. Your own room might be the one needing the most tender love and care. However, you can use these tips for any room: go through things you don’t use, eat, or haven’t even looked at in years, and decide if you want to sell it, trash it, or donate it. Keeping a few things is okay if they have special value to you, but don’t become a hoarder; the memories are what’s important, not the “stuff.” So rediscover your home, and clean out the clutter! Be Smith Smart with these organization tips.

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