Why We Should Probably Listen to the News
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Why We Should Probably Listen to the News

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The other day, I was sitting in my office during lunch and talking with my coworkers. We were exchanging stories and generally catching up on each other’s lives. We had also gotten paid that day, and the subject of going to the bank came up in conversation. As we talked about it, my boss remembered something that had happened to her sister earlier in the week and felt compelled to warn us.

Theft in Broad Daylight

She said that her sister had gone to the drive-through bank lane to cash her paycheck in the afternoon. Once she had received the money from the teller, a man in a hoodie approached her can and stood in front of her. There was no way around him, and so she had no choice but to stay where she was. She also noticed that he was holding his hand beneath his hoodie, concealing a weapon. Her driver-side window was still open from communicating with the teller, and the man approached it to speak to her. He told her that he had a gun and that if she didn’t hand over the money, he would kill her. She panicked and gave him her entire paycheck that she had cashed moments before. The man turned and ran, escaping from the robbing in broad daylight.

My boss’ story was definitely one that changed the way my coworkers and I thought about security in our community. We see a lot of crimes come through our office, as we are a nonprofit who works closely with the local court system. We have been so desensitized by the cases we hear that we seem to over look the fact that these situations are very real and that they happen every day.

We’re Not Untouchable

These are the types of situations that we hear about daily from news stations and other media, but I never consider that such a situation could happen to me. It was strange to hear that someone my own boss was intimately close to could have been robbed at a bank, losing her entire paycheck. The story stuck with me, and for the first time I considered looking into a Cedar Hill home security system. I thought to myself that if someone was willing to commit such a crime in broad daylight, the least I could do to protect myself was to install an alarm system and begin to carry some form of protection. One of my coworkers went and bought a knife specifically designed for self-defense and approved to carry in her purse.

Theft In America

About The Author: Rae Piazza is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Rae is also active on many social networking sites. Follow her on WordPressTwitter, & Poshmark!

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