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Why You Need An Alarm Monitoring Company

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You may think that arming your home with an alarm system is sufficient protection for you and your family. Unfortunately, simply having an alarm in place will not protect your family any more, and could protect it even less than having a poodle as a watch dog. This article will discuss the reasons it is so important to have an alarm monitoring company to work with your alarm system.

The most important reason to have an alarm monitoring company to monitor your alarm system is the human element. Machines are great, technology has made great advances in the past decade, but nothing can replace a breathing, thinking human. Having an actual person linked to your alarm twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week is absolutely essential for the security of your home. Not only will it give you peace of mind when you are in the home, it will also give you peace of mind when you are gone. A burglar who breaks into your home while you are away is not going to be deterred by a loud beeping noise, unless he knows that the beeping noise is notifying a real person, who is notifying the authorities, regardless what time of day it is.

Another reason that an alarm monitoring company is such a necessity is the financial consideration. If your alarm system is set to contact the authorities every time it is activated, things could get very unpleasant for you. Police and fire officials would not be too happy coming to your house every time your child accidentally opens a door they shouldn’t. After a few false alarms, the response from police will become slower and slower, and may be a little too slow by the time you really need them. Having an alarm monitoring company connected to your system will ensure that false alarms are not reported to the authorities, saving you cost and embarrassment.

Finally, alarm monitoring companies are staffed with real people who know how to reason and think. In the event of any kind of emergency, it will be important that the proper authorities are notified as quickly as possible. Your alarm monitoring company will be able to ask you exactly what is wrong in the home, and notify the right people. This may seem trivial, and you may think that you could just contact the proper authorities yourself, but in a moment of distress the last thing you want to do is to be trying to figure out who to call. At the push of a button, someone else can figure it out for you.

Without an alarm monitoring company, your home security system is just a fraction of the product that it should be.

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